• Stimulant free
  • helps to control appetite
  • improves metabolism
  • gives you more energy


A randomized-double blind, placebo-controlled study showed Garcinia cambogia had a significant effect on weight loss and hip to waist ratio. Garcinia has also been shown to decrease blood lipids and improve blood glucose. Garcinia can also help control appetite and has been shown to limit the conversion of carbohydrates to fat.


Raspberry ketones

Raspberry ketones are the compounds that are responsible for the raspberry’s pleasant smell. Raspberry ketones have been shown to help the body break down fat. If you are following a good weight loss plan, raspberry ketones can help your cells release fatty acid, boost your metabolism and support a healthy appetite.

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We have selected nutrients like L-Carnitine that have been shown to help boost metabolism. L-Carnitine helps you breakdown fat to use as energy. It can also help you build lean mass, improve bone health and help improve glucose metabolism.



Every nutrient in our Slimpro has been shown to help improve your energy levels.

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