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Women's Health

The number one reason why women visited their family doctors last year was due to low energy. This is why we created Navitol. We also find chronic low B12 levels in most women. Our Sublingual B12 is essential for those with low energy.

The number one killer of women is still heart disease. We recommend Navitol Heart and Brain Formula and DHA Rich Fish Oil capsules or liquid.

Another significant problem in women is estrogen dominance. Symptoms include anything from headaches to weight gain and hot flashes. We use HS-PRO for any estrogen dominant symptom.

Many women are also chronically low in magnesium, iodine and D3.

One thing that we routinely see in our clinic are low protein intake in women. Body composition changes require adequate protein consumption. We strongly recommend PRO-CRF, our pure whey protein isolate.

Every woman should take a professional strength multivitamin on a daily basis.

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