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Weight Loss

In order to lose weight, more importantly fat, you need to ad protein to your diet. Not only will protein help promote changes in body composition, it will help make sure that you are not losing muscle mass. We recommend PRO-CRF as a protein powder supplement to help change body composition.

Studies have shown that green coffee bean extract is very effective for weight loss. We have developed a PURE GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT.

There is also a lot of research showing the effectiveness of Probiotics for maintaining and losing weight. High levels of fish oil is also effective, this is why we recommend DHA-Rich Ultra Fish Oil.

Navitol contains pine bark extract, which has shown to be effective in dealing with metabolic syndrome.

If you are a male, your testosterone levels play a significant role in fat loss. For men we recommend T1.

If you are a female, weight gain, especially around the midsection is due to estrogen dominance. In our clinic, we use HS-PRO for any estrogen dominant symptom.

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