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Skin Health

Navitol Ultra Strength contains Pine Bark Extract. Studies have shown that pine bark extract has many benefits for the skin. It helps improve elasticity, it is anti-aging and a free radical scavenger.

DHA-Rich Fish Oil is also very beneficial for the skin. If you have Eczema or psoriasis, you need to optimize your omega-3 blood levels.

There is also a definite connection between your digestive system and the health of your skin. If you have acne, or adult acne, then you need Digest-Zyme and Probiotic Gold Formula. We have also seen some serious cases of Psoriasis clear up after proper dosages of Probiotic Gold, Digest-Zyme, Navitol and DHA-Rich Ultra Fish Oil.

Estrogen Dominance also plays a role in the decline of skin health. For all estrogen dominant symptoms we recommend HS-PRO.

We have also formulated a skin serum formula call REVERA that contains our pine bark extract. This same formula is sold in some of the top skin care clinics across the world for over $80.00

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