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Immune Support

A strong immune system, or the ability to fight off a disease or infection depends on a few very important factors.

A healthy immune system needs glutathione. Glutathione is fuel for your white blood cells. If you are sick, your glutathione levels are low. In our clinic, we use PRO-CRF whey protein isolate and Navitol to boost glutathione levels.

Proper Vitamin D blood levels are also essential for your immune system.

There is also plenty of research that shows the benefit of Oil of Oregano. We have been suggesting Oil of Oregano for years, long before it has become more mainstream.

Omega-3 Fatty acids, such as our DHA-Rich Ultra Fish Oil is also very important for a properly functioning immune system.

A good, professional strength multivitamin, such as our liquid or capsules is also indispensable. The immune system requires proper nutrients.

If you are acidic, your body is primed for infection or disease. We use PH Formula in our clinic.

Finally, no discussion of the immune system is complete without mentioning Probiotics. Our Probiotic Gold formula is a part of all our immune boosting programs.

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