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Heart Health

The current medical model for heart disease isn’t working. Despite the fact that millions of adults take statin drugs, heart disease is still the number one killer. A natural approach that uses supplements and diet is very effective in preventing and treating heart disease.

We developed Navitol Heart and Brain formula for this reason. One of the active ingredients, Pine Bark Extract, is effective at boosting Nitric Oxide. This is important. Another active ingredient, Ubiquinol is a very essential antioxidant for heart health. If you take statin drugs, you need to take Ubiquinol to combat the nasty side effects such as muscle pain. Navitol Heart and Brain Formula also contains a pure norwegian fish oil.

Research has shown over and over again that the supplementation of DHA-Rich fish oil is very good for the heart. Omega-3 fatty acids lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and improve HDL. The supplementation of DHA is vital for your heart. We use DHARich Ultra Fish Oil capsules or liquid in our clinic.

The heart also requires plenty of nutrients, make sure you are getting all that you need. We use a liquid multi or a Professional strength multivitamin.

The addition of protein is also very important. PRO-CRF will help boost glutathione levels which will improve your energy and support your immune system.

A common issue that occurs with heart disease are leg problems such as pain, poor circulation and swelling. This is due primarily to a decrease in Nitric Oxide levels. Navitol boost Nitric Oxide levels.

Do not forget about Vitamin D, magnesium and potassium citrate.

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