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A lack of energy is still the number one reason why people visit their family doctors. There are many causes of low energy. Too many carbs causing insulin spikes.

Too much estrogen, low testosterone, below average glutathione levels, not enough nitric oxide....This is why we recommend an AT-HOME biomarker testing kit to help determine the reason for low energy.

The reason why Navitol was formulated was to help with energy. This is what thousands use to help increase their energy levels. There are no stimulants in Navitol.

For men over the age of 30, we usually recommend a natural testosterone booster. For women in with estrogen dominant symptoms, we recommend HS-PRO.

We strongly recommend PRO-CRF for energy for numerous reasons. PRO-CRF boosts glutathione levels, which is very good for energy. PRO-CRF is a clean, high biological value protein that is a great way to increase your protein intake. By stabilizing blood sugar levels and providing protein, PRO-CRF is very good for energy.

We also recommend a good multivitamin that is easily absorbed. Both our Liquid multi and multivitamin capsules are great way to make sure you are getting the necessary vitamins and minerals.

For many, low energy is due to digestion. Our PROBIOTIC GOLD AND DIGEST-ZYME are essential.

We also strongly recommend liquid B12 for those with low energy.

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