Digest-Zyme Upgraded

Digest-Zyme Upgraded
  • Contains more protease enzymes to help you better digest protein
  • Contains lactase to help break down dairy products
  • Contains more lipase enzymes to help you better digest fat


Digestive enzymes are crucial to your intestinal health. Aging, processed foods and pollution can deplete our digestive enzymes levels. This can cause many digestive symptoms.

benefit digestion


Bloating is a symptom of low digestive enzymes. A good digestive enzyme will relieve this problem.

benefit bloating


Heartburn is digestive issue that is successfully treated with digestive enzymes.

benefit heartburn

Female Energy

They say you are what you eat. However, the correct statement is “you are what you absorb”. When your digestive enzymes are low, you don’t properly breakdown food. This results in poor nutrition and low energy.

benefit energy female

Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement take 2 capsules before each meal or as recommended by a health care practitioner.

L'utilisation suggérée:
Comme une supplément alimentaire, prendre 2 capsules avant chaque repas ou comme recommandé par un praticien de santé.

Contains no: artificial preservatives, colours, sweeteners, or dairy.

Ne contient pas de: agents de conservation, artificiels, couleur, édulcorants, ou produits laitiers.


Ingredients (Per Capsule):

Amylase3500 DU
Protease 21000 HUT
Protease4000 PC
Alpha-galactosidase150 GalU
Glucomylase9 AGU
Lactase1000 ALU
Protease50 SAPU
Invertase400 SU
Lipase500 FIP
Acid Maltase14 MaltU
Peptidase2 AP
Betaine Hydrochloride100 mg
Ox Bile100 mg

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