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The general idea behind a detoxification program is the rid the body of toxins and to clean out the liver. Our body is constantly bombarded with chemicals, toxins and free radicals. This causes our liver to be constantly in a state of work. An overstressed liver can lead to everything from a lack of energy to weight gain.

In our clinic we use a specific liver cleanse called Integra Nutrition Liver Cleanse. We then couple it with a tailored supplement program. This is why a Biomarker At Home testing kit is a good way to find out where you are deficient and which areas of your body are overworked.

One of the best ways to detoxify is to boost glutathione levels. We use a super clean, high biological value protein called PRO-CRF. PRO-CRF contains no chemicals, preservatives, fillers or additives. PRO-CRF is an excellent way to help your body boost glutathione levels. We also use Navitol, since the main ingredient is an effective way to boost glutathione levels as well.

A good detoxification program should include something for the digestive system. The combination of DIGEST-ZYME and PROBIOTIC GOLD is tremendous.

A good fiber should also be used during a cleanse. We use ULTIMATE FIBER PLUS.

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