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Children's Health

It is very important that the foundation of health is laid at an early age. A good multivitamin is a good place to start. We use a liquid multivitamin in our clinic for that.

Countless research has shown how vital vitamin D is to children. Vitamin D in kids is good for everything from asthma to immune system. A healthy digestive system is also key. There are many kids with allergies and allergy induced asthma that is directly tied into their digestive system. In our clinic we use Probiotic Gold and Digest-Zyme. These capsules can be easily opened and mixed in with applesauce or another type of food. Navitol is also very important for the immune system and brain health of children. DHARICH Ultra fish oil is very effective for brain health. We use the combination of Navitol and DHA-Rich Ultra Fish Oil to help a child focus and settle the brain.

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