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The war on cancer is being lost. The current approach by the health care system is not working. Very little money is being spent on the actual causes of cancer and true prevention.

There are many factors that come into play when talking about cancer. However, we believe that there are some very basic things that someone can do to help prevent cancer, even if you have “bad” genetics.

If you have cancer, nutrition is essential. Stop eating sugar. Eat more protein.

In our clinic, our approach to cancer is tailored to the individual. But there are some overlapping nutrients that the body needs.

Navitol is a tremendous antioxidant, boost Nitric Oxide levels and boost glutathione levels. All of these benefits are very important.

HS-PRO was designed to deal with estrogen dominance. Many cancers are a direct result of too much estrogen. Breast cancers, ovarian cancers and even prostate cancers are all estrogen dominances.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential, which is why we use DHA-Rich Fish oil. Vitamin D levels have to be optimized, this is crucial.

The health of the digestive system is also very important for both cancer prevention and treatment. This is why Digest-zyme and our Probiotic Gold are important.

We have also developed a Glutathione boosting protein called PRO-CRF. This is a clean, chemical and preservative free, high biological value protein that benefits the immune system. We can’t stress enough how important a good, clean protein is for your health, especially when talking about cancer.

Also, we use a liquid multivitamin which provides all essential nutrients in a highly absorbable liquid.

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