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Brain Health

Brain health is an area of medicine that is severely lacking in answers. The rate of people diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s continues to grow. We believe that a combination of brain shrinkage and neuroinflammation are the main reasons why? A supplement and diet program should take these two factors into consideration.

In our clinic, we recommend Navitol Ultra Strength or Navitol Heart and Brain Formula. The active ingredient crosses the blood brain barrier and helps increase blood flow to the brain.

We also recommend high levels of DHA, which is found in our DHA-RICH ULTRA FISH OIL capsules or liquid.

We are also very excited about our new brain boosting supplement called DMT-PRO. This proprietary formula was formulated with dementia and alzheimer’s in mind.

The combination of Navitol, DMT-PRO and high levels of DHA-Rich Fish Oil are fantastic.

It is also very important that your B12 levels are optimized, which is why we recommend our Liquid B12. There is also a lot of research demonstrating the importance of optimized Vitamin D levels.

Also, fluctuations in blood sugar levels, specifically the over secretion of insulin, can lead to both brain shrinkage and neuroinflammation. This is why, adding more protein to your diet is vital. PRO-CRF, our clean, chemical free, high biological value protein is a great way to add protein to your diet. PRO-CRF contains amino acids that also boost glutathione levels, which are important for brain health.

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