Serial Killers

Serial Killers

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Over the last several years we at the Martin Clinic have noticed a troubling trend not only in our clinic, but the overall population. People in general are exhausted. They are running on fumes and have trouble losing weight. These two conditions are in epic proportions today.  Our Bio-Marker Testing,  performed on  countless patients, exposes the reason for this exhaustion and weight gain. They are caused by the over-secretion of two hormones, cortisol and insulin, and if left uncorrected can lead not only to disease, but possible death.  These two hormones are the focus of my book, Serial Killers - Two Hormones That Want You Dead.  In the book I explain how these two hormones work and why they can easily go from helping the body to hurting the body.  As scary as this all sounds,  it is not all grim. There are things that you can do to keep these two hormones in check.  Included in my book is a detailed diet plan that will help you manage both your insulin and cortisol levels. I guarantee if you follow my plan you will feel better, have more energy and lose weight.

Serial Killers Diet

The Serial Killer Diet has opened my eyes to a whole new way of living. After battling health issues, for many years, I am now in control of my health. It has helped me control my cortisol and insulin levels along with giving me a new lease on life. Being told year after year that I was healthy, but not feeling like I was, the Serial Killer Diet has helped me battle years of health issues along with giving me a new lease on life and giving me control over my health and my life.”
Chantal Young

“Dear Dr. Martin, I just want to add my name to the, I'm sure, very long list of people that are thankful you,Dr. Martin, for literally changing my life. I've been on the Serial Killer Diet since just before last Christmas and have reached my goal of a 35 lb weight loss, more energy and a better feeling of well being, all surprisingly easy. I appreciate all the other truths that I've learned from you and I believe, as a result, I will be adding years to my life.”  
Brian Bettridge

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