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Blood Sugar

If you are having blood sugar issues such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance or “pre-diabetes” then there are some supplements that are essential. First of all, We highly recommend that you read our book “Serial Killers: Two Hormones That Want You Dead”. This book talks about the hormones Cortisol and Insulin, how deadly they can be and what dietary changes you can make that will help you get better.

We also recommend our At Home Biomarker Testing Kit to find out specifically what supplements you should be taking.

In our clinic, we recommend that everyone with blood sugar issues take Navitol Ultra Strength or Navitol Heart and Brain Formula. Pine Bark Extract has been shown to help protect diabetics from common issues such swelling, circulation and vision problems. Pine Bark Extract also helps boost Nitric Oxide levels, which can be severely depleted in blood sugar health disorders. Low Nitric Oxide levels are the main reason why
diabetics have so many issues with their legs.

We also recommend high levels of DHA/EPA for blood sugar problems. Our DHA-Rich Ultra Fish Oil liquid and capsules are pharmaceutical grade and very effective. If you have diabetes, you need to take Omega 3’s from fish oil.

Magnesium Citrate is essential to help regulate blood sugar levels and should be taking daily.

Fibre is also very effective at regulating blood sugar issues and our Ultimate Fibre Plus Capsules or Powder are a professional strength proprietary mixture of superior fibers.

PRO-CRF is a high protein, clean whey protein isolate that is a great way to help stabilize blood sugar levels. A diet high in protein and lower in carbs is a great way to regulate blood sugar.

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