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Seasonal allergies or many food sensitivities can be corrected with changes in diet and the proper supplements.

To begin with, we recommend Navitol Ultra. A recent study has demonstrated that Pine Bark Extract may help substantially decrease the symptoms of hay fever. Pine Bark Extract can be effective at decreasing both nasal and eye symptoms. For many, pine bark extract is an effective natural alternative to an antihistamine. The main active ingredient in Navitol is Pine Bark Extract.

SinuClenz is a powerful nasal spray containing oil of oregano. Aside from the benefit of helping with allergies and sinus problems, many have reported a tremendous impact on their post nasal drip symptoms.

In our experience, many people with seasonal allergies have some sort of digestive issue and our Probiotic Gold or Original Formula should be taken in order to get to the root cause.

Resp-FX is a proprietary mixture of ingredients designed for the lungs. It has been used effectively for all sorts of colds, coughs, sneezes, asthma and bronchitis.

Vitamin D3 is very important for your immune system and your lungs. Research has shown that almost 90% of the population has low blood levels of vitamin D3. Our Ultra D3 contains 4000iu in a small gelcap.

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